Miscellaneous Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes

Miscellaneous Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes

List of miscellaneous Masterbuilt smoker recipes that didn’t fit to any other category.

These recipes are mainly for Masterbuilt electric smoker but many have directions also for the analog and propane version.

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  1. Herbert - December 3, 2018 at 10:35 pm Reply

    I have not used the 30″ Digital Electric Smoker yet. I am new at this. Question: smoking different (turkey, ham, chicken, etc) items at the same time; different cooking times and opening and closing the door. Is there info on the computer re this. Thank you.

  2. JOHN RONNING - December 23, 2018 at 2:23 am Reply

    You will run into a capacity problem with this. I solved the problem by buying 2 MES 133S. Sam’s Club has them on special today for less than $130 each, so I probably have a little excess capacity. So for one of the holiday celebrations I’m cooking about 8 lbs of prime rib on my XL Big Green Egg and game hens in my MasterBuilt. When you get into this a little more, you’ll recognize that the common wisdom is that you need 3 or more devices. I have 4–XL BGE, 2 MasterBuilts, a small propane grill for doing quick things like burgers, and a turkey fryer. (I don’t use it for turkeys, just for North Carolina low country shrimp boil and other things). Bon Appetite and Merry Christmas!

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