Masterbuilt Smoker Beef Recipes

Masterbuilt Smoker Beef Recipes

Smoked beef recipes are numerous, as are the cuts of meat available. You can smoke a large roast, individual steaks, ribs, burgers, and meatloaf. Smoking in a Masterbuilt Smoker is a perfect cooking method for those tougher or chewier cuts of beef, including brisket and chuck roast. Cooking low and slow softens the muscle fibers and helps the meat to remain moist. Our dry rubbed tri-tip recipe is a good starting point to test out your beef smoking skills.

Impart Flavor

There is no rule for flavors when it comes to beef. Ribeye or filet mignon steaks don’t require much more than extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. Yet, both can benefit from an herb pesto or a cheese sauce when serving. Try our easy ribeye steak recipe with 2 sauces.

When it comes to tougher cuts of beef that require longer cooking times I recommend seasoning the meat generously with a dry rub of herbs, spices, and a bit of sugar. Allow the meat to sit after seasoning for 30 to 60 minutes. Or, you could brine certain cuts of beef to tenderize and flavor them. An example of brined beef would be corned beef. This is a brisket that has been soaked in a salt water solution for a week or more.

Pay Attention to Timing and Temperature

There are different rules of thumb for cook times and temperatures of the various cuts of beef. For the pricier cuts and for hamburgers you will want to smoke at approximately 225°F for 45 to 90 minutes until the internal temperature reaches between 125°F for medium rare and 150°F for medium well.

Less expensive roasts can be smoked between 225°F and 250°F for 6 hours or longer. The internal temperature should be a minimum of 160°F and as high as 190°F. The longer smoke time and higher internal temperature will help to break down the tissue and will result in a less chewy sliced or shredded roast. This is great for sandwiches. Try the smoked, seasoned chuck roast recipe.

Always Rest the Smoked Beef

After the smoking is finished, remove the steaks or roast to a clean cutting board and loosely tent with aluminum foil. Allow the meat to rest for at least 10 minutes before carving or serving. Don’t skip this step as it allows for the juices to be reabsorbed and the meat will not dry out.

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  1. Judi - July 6, 2018 at 4:03 pm Reply

    I love my Masterbuilt Smoker…. I have the portable one. Also had the 4 rack for several years. Unfortunately the last time I went to use it, it wouldn’t get hot enough. I have ordered another one cause I love them and the portable is fine if you’re just smoking one thing, but I was smoking a rack of ribs and it took all two racks. Also wanted to smoke a Tri Tip so that gave me reason to order another one. Love the receipes that are posted, it really helps out.

  2. James tiblets - June 2, 2020 at 6:21 pm Reply

    Loved reviewing your recipes. Have the masterbuilt propane smoker and have smoked whole chickens and chicken breasts. All came out great. I have a barrel type smoker but I’m too old to be getting every two hours at night to add charcoal/wood to the smoker whe I cooked brisket. Are your recipes published in any manner or are they available online only

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