Masterbuilt Smoker Beef Recipes

Masterbuilt Smoker Beef Recipes

List of Masterbuilt smoker beef recipes.

These beef recipes are mainly for Masterbuilt electric smoker but many have directions also for the analog and propane version.

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  1. Judi - July 6, 2018 at 4:03 pm Reply

    I love my Masterbuilt Smoker…. I have the portable one. Also had the 4 rack for several years. Unfortunately the last time I went to use it, it wouldn’t get hot enough. I have ordered another one cause I love them and the portable is fine if you’re just smoking one thing, but I was smoking a rack of ribs and it took all two racks. Also wanted to smoke a Tri Tip so that gave me reason to order another one. Love the receipes that are posted, it really helps out.

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